Change DNS Android Mobile, you can have access to banned sites you want to change your DNS settings in your any mobile device or tablet using the Android operating system. Your device to change the DNS settings on your device as being important for the Android version also does not need to be passed from the root process.You only need to follow the instructions in these pages and you’ll find the fastest DNS address seamlessly through our website is your connection you’ll use to determine your finding your device. You have to change your internet DNS settings for your device using the Wi-Fi connection is required.

To change the DNS settings on the Internet for use with operator assistance is not given the authority as required. So, your device your device in order to perform a DNS change operation when the operator performs an internet connection must have been the root.

Change your DNS address for Wi-Fi Connections

  1. Then any version of the Android operating system installed on the tablet or Settings menu on your mobile device to get wireless connectivity options.
  2. DNS settings to connect to the network you want to apply, make sure you already connected If you keep your connection.
  3. On the network you want to use, hold and select “Change Network” option.
  4. Incoming screen “Show advanced options” and select.
  5. IP settings of your original as a DHCP connection will be taking place. Replace it as static. Then enter the IP address you want to use the DNS 1 and DNS 2 located in the box below.

Immediately after you register your action again turn off once your internet connection. Now you can have access to banned sites seamlessly using your Wi-Fi connection on your device.

Open DNS Services

Service Providers Preferred DNS Server Other DNS Server
Google DNS
Yandex DNS
Comodo Secure DNS