https HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is a security feature used by most websites these days. It provides improved security which is essential in today’s day and age. There are many benefits of using HTTPS and if your website does not use it, it is high time you make the transition. The following are the key benefits of using HTTPS:


The biggest advantage of using HTTPS is enhanced security which it provides. It protects the users against attacks from hackers and helps them protect their sensitive data. Implementing HTTPS requires your website to carry SSL certificate which ensures that the customer data is encrypted. The data transmission between your computer and the server will be encrypted and hackers won’t be able to eavesdrop on it or hack it. Greater security is also beneficial for businesses as there are huge costs associated with data breach. Studies have revealed that the average cost for data breach is nearly $3.6 million. You can stay protected from such huge costs by using HTTPS protocol.

More Authoritative Website

Websites which use HTTPS are perceived as more authoritative by customers. If you don’t use HTTPS, there will be a note in the browser flashing “not secure” which is not good for your business. It erodes the customer’s confidence and your brand image. Most leading companies in their domain use HTTPS which helps them establish as professional and reliable businesses which can be trusted upon.

Better SEO Performance

If your website uses HTTPS, it will be rewarded with better SEO performance by search engines. Most search engine prefer websites with HTTPS security and those using it have higher search engine rankings. This will drive more organic traffic to your website and help to enhance your business visibility and earnings.

Improved Customer Confidence

As already discussed, HTTPS helps to improve customer confidence. When customers are confident on your business, they are more likely to trust it. This can also contribute towards converting the customers to better conversion rates. Customers will be more confident to do online transaction on your website as they feel lesser risk of their sensitive data getting breached.

HTTPS is the Future

HTTPS is the future of all websites. Going ahead, you will find that non-HTTPS websites will be in minority and may be completely eliminated in the near future. The technicalities and cost involved in acquiring HTTPS protocols have become simpler over time which will only increase the number of websites using it.