The 5G revolution is on its way. Network providers are gearing up to make their infrastructure 5G ready for mass rollout. 5G will bring a number of advantages over 4G which can benefit businesses tremendously. It can also emerge as an alternative to point-to-point broadband for businesses over time.  Some of the key benefits offered by 5G technology are discussed below:

Faster Data Speeds

A key benefit of 5G network over 4G is the faster data speed it offers. Generally, the fastest 4G network speeds starts to top out at 100-300 megabits per second. However, you can get data speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second using 5G, which is a drastic improvement over 4G speeds. Businesses generate vast amount of data which needs to be transferred quickly. 5G offers the potential to address this problem seamlessly.

Lower Latency

5G offers much lower latency when compared to 4G. It has latency speed as low as 1 millisecond and is at least 60-120 times faster than average 4G latency. Latency is the time taken for data to be uploaded from a device and reach its target. The data could be transferred faster than a blink of the eye using 5G networks. Low latency is important for specific applications which require rapid responsiveness like remote vehicle control.

Improved Security

While 4G network is secure, it still has loopholes which could lead to authentication and synchronization failure attack. While achieving 100% security is difficult, 5G takes the security to next level. It creates more slices to the network which can also increase the opportunity of network attacks and hacks. However, you get hardware security modules, over the air secure elements, etc. which increases the security. A natural quarantine also exists when a core network is sliced into different entities for different use cases.

More Dense Network Capabilities

5G will provide at least 100 times more connected devices in a physical area compared to 4G, while ensuring 99.999% availability. 5G can support nearly 1 million devices in an area of 1 which allows companies to support large number of devices with their infrastructure. This will help to tremendously increase the market size for mobile devices. More customers can use internet in a geographic location with the advent and proliferation of 5G. Greater use of mobile devices is also likely to trigger wider use of e-commerce platforms which will help them grow also.