VPN is a technology which allows you to connect to the internet securely using a remote server. The connection is routed through a remote server and your location and identity is kept anonymous on the internet. Your ISP will be unable to track your exact location if you are using VPN connection. The salient benefits of using VPN are as follows:

Online Safety

When you connect to the internet using standard protocol, your data exchange is vulnerable. Hackers can easily intercept your data and hack it. VPN allows you to connect to the internet securely through a remote server. Your data exchange on the internet remains encrypted and protects your sensitive data from being intercepted and hacked. There are VPN service providers who offer Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys which is like military-grade protection.

Bypass Geographical Restrictions and Surveillance

Countries have different degree of surveillance and restrictions on access to internet. Some countries like China have greater restrictions on accessing internet. There are heavy government restrictions and regulations in such countries and you will be unable to access Google and other social media platforms. There are valuable resources on the internet which are also limited to users based on their geographical locations. Using a VPN helps you overcome these restrictions and surveillance issues. When you connect to the internet using a VPN, your IP address cannot be tracked and you remain anonymous. You can connect to the internet while being in China from a remote server located in the US and the ISP will be unable to detect your actual location. This will ensure that you have access to restricted content.

Reliable and Fast Connection

VPN connections provide you with highly reliable and fast internet connections. You get greater speed for data transfers which allows you to upload or download data faster on the internet. Most VPN service providers also provide you with safety features like kill switch and no logs policy, which ensures greater reliability while being online.

Overcome Bandwidth Throttling

Your data usage patterns are monitored by your ISP. If you are consuming heavy data for specific online activities like streaming videos, downloading large files, etc. then your ISP can throttle your internet speeds and reduce your data consumption on that particular activity. ISPs can argue that they do it for safeguarding against network congestion, but they may also do so for compelling you to buy more data from them. Using a VPN connection helps you to remain anonymous. Your ISP cannot track your IP address and hence is unable to determine your data usage patterns. This eliminates the problem of bandwidth throttling.