IoT is a technology which networks smart devices like phones, computers, home appliances, etc. and makes communication between them possible. These devices are also known as smart devices and can carry out instructions provided to them remotely. The total market for IoT devices is likely to reach $75.44 billion by 2025. The major benefits of using IoT are provided below:

Interactive and Connectivity

A distinct advantage of using IoT is promoting the interactivity and connectivity between devices. It supports machine-to-machine communication between compatible devices. With IoT on your side, you need not take the trouble of operating multiple devices separately in physical form. It provides you the flexibility of remotely accessing and operating all your IoT compatible devices. You can control your devices at home from your office itself without having to physically operate them. Going ahead, almost all the home appliances will support IoT technology, which will make them smarter and provide you the option of remotely controlling them.


Efficiency is another important advantage of using smart devices. IoT devices are becoming smarter and are continuously learning according to your needs. Using these devices can save you considerable time and resources for scheduling and performing your daily duties. You can use voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to provide you answers to your questions, receive your calls, manage your home appliances, etc. Businesses are also benefiting greatly by using IoT. They are able to get updates and reports quicker than earlier which helps to improve their efficiency.


IoT has ensured that appliances and gadgets have become smarter and more customizable. IoT enabled devices can collect valuable information and analyze them to help you make better decisions. They can also be automated and take the decision on your behalf. Smart Refrigerators and Amazon Dash buttons are excellent example of IoT compatible devices. They can ascertain the inventory and reorder on their own when you are away, thereby relieving you of that trivial task. In the near future, these IoT devices will only become smarter and provide more convenience to you.


IoT enables you to achieve high degree of automation and control. Multiple devices can be connected and controlled digitally by using this technology. This creates automation which ensures that without much human intervention, machines and gadgets can be controlled for providing better and faster results. Going forward IoT can bridge the gap between human and machine interaction and create a highly automated and convenient world for everyone.