VPS is a remote virtual machine on a physical server. It simulates a dedicated server within a shared web hosting environment. VPS is an excellent tool for businesses to improve their website’s reliability, gain more control on the server environment, and improve end-user experience. The key benefits of using VPS are as follows:

More Reliable

Businesses need to ensure that their hosting is secure and reliable. VPS provides excellent reliability and efficiency. Shared hosting is becoming less popular among businesses as it involves sharing of a single server by a large number of clients. Your website’s loading time and uptime can be severely impacted by resources on the server being shared by other clients. If the server crashes due to irresponsible users, your website will also be affected by it. VPS removes these issues and creates a more reliable and secure environment for your website. It also improves the end-user experience drastically.

Total Server Control

VPS provides you total control or root access to the server. When you have root access, it grants you complete control over the server environment. You can customize the server environment as per your needs. You can install custom software or open ports without having to depend on your hosting service provider to do so.


Scalability is another important advantage which you get from VPS hosting. When you opt for VPS you can get instant scalability to match your business needs. You may start by subscribing to basic VPS plans and scale up the resources as and when your business expands. You only pay for what you subscribe and can keep scaling up as and when the need arises.


VPS provides significant cost savings for your business when compared with dedicated server hosting. You do not need to use a dedicated physical server which reduces your cost. There is no compromise on the service quality. You can find basic no-frills VPS hosting plans for your business which start with rates as low as $30 per month. You can add more servers and features to your VPS hosting plan as your business grows and needs expand.

Server Customization and Sustainability

VPS hosting allows businesses the flexibility to customize their server to meet their specific needs.  You can also contribute to the environment by opting for green hosting which helps to minimize the carbon footprints. VPS allows you to share a single large server with many other clients. This ensures that each client does not need a dedicated physical server which reduces the power consumption and contributes positively to the environment.