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What is VLAN and Its Advantages

A local area network (LAN) is a group of computers which are located in a geographical location like an office. Virtual LAN (VLAN) is similar to a LAN with the difference that it allows computers and devices to be connected virtually to each other. A VLAN can be thought of as smaller networks within a larger network. VLAN allows organizations to break down larger networks into smaller virtual networks. The key benefits of using VLAN are detailed below:

Network Segmentation

One of the best features of VLAN is the network segmentation it brings. This increases the functional reliability, efficiency, and security of the network. The entire network is segmented into smaller networks which allows different people to be on specific parts of the network without accessing the entire network. This also provides greater flexibility as when staff move from one workstation to another, they can be retained on the same VLAN.

Convenient Fault Management

VLANs help to segregate the entire network into multiple smaller networks. This makes the task of identifying problems and addressing them much easier. The network administrator can conveniently locate the part of the network form which the problem is emerging. The technical team can only focus on working on the problematic part of the network for resolution of fault.

Better End-User Experience

VLANs manage traffic more efficiently which creates a better and improved end-user experience. Your end-users will experience fewer lags and latency problems while being connected to and accessing the network. They can access important applications easily and in a hassle-free manner. Another merit of using VLAN is that you can prioritize network traffic easily. This ensures that your critical data keeps on flowing through the VLAN even when there is a huge surge in low priority traffic.

Improved Security

VLAN helps to improve the security by reducing the internal and external threats. It segregates the traffic on a network which helps to filter unauthorized users and devices from connecting to the network and from traveling on it. This reduces the threat of loss of sensitive data. You can also make your VLAN more secure and safe by installing different software and firewalls for each VLAN on the network. This ensures that the entire LAN is not compromised in case one VLAN is breached.


VLAN helps businesses to work more productively and also save considerable money on minimal network upgrades. VLAN uses existing bandwidth and uplinks more efficiently. It can also help to prepare the organization for better future growth by achieving a more reliable and efficient network.

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